The Winner of our Suggestion Box Idea for May is - Rylee!

Rylee asked that we put cameras in each stall so every rider can see their favorite horse and put it online. What a great idea, Rylee! While we wish we could do this right away, it's not something we can implement right now, but perhaps going forward we could offer some video monitoring of the horses everyone loves so much! For this great suggestion, and for signing it, Rylee receives a $25 Amazon gift card!

The other suggestions were as follows:
Make the lessons shorter - NO CAN DO! We need every available minute of the 45 each session to provide you with healing through horses!
Make the "Authorized Personnel Only" room also a changing room if rearranged. - NOT DONE. We hear your need, but unfortunately, we have electrical items and water sources both within that room, so for safety's sake, we have to say "no" to that idea. The rest room is large enough to use for changing; feel free to do so if you need it - just lock the door, please.

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