Our Pledge to the Community:

Our Vision:                
To deliver our mission of empowering individuals with special needs to reach their highest potential by providing exemplary service in a family-friendly, welcoming environment where everyone is valued and learning is customized for each person’s needs.

Our Process:

Establish and maintain a culture of excellence

  • Monitor our activities at all times, in many ways, and with all of our audiences through:
    • Effective, frequent, two-way communication
    • Ensuring that our customers’ needs take priority over our internal needs
  • Provide feedback and progress reports:
    • Utilize survey tools for sessions, trainings, and events and share results
    • Encourage open dialogue and respond to all inquiries within 24 hours
  • Ensure an environment of safety, well-being, and mutual respect
    • Provide trainings not only for staff and volunteers, but participants and families
    • Develop a rotation of office hours so more staff is available during late hours

Show appreciation and encourage deep involvement by all

  • Develop existing activities that provide recognition for a job well done
    • Donors should be thanked within one week of receipt of gift
    • Volunteers should be recognized through nomination for awards, thanks; expand on efforts for Volunteer Appreciation week/month
    • Grow Horse Show and Open House to involve as many participants as possible
    • Tours should be available during all open hours
  • Add new activities that help our audience feel comfortable and knowledgeable
    • Volunteer task force should evolve into a permanent Council of Advisors
    • Initiate a scavenger hunt activity for all new volunteers and families each session – it creates interaction and is a fun way to discover more about us
    • Enact a participant/family appreciation week to include all
    • Staff meetings weekly to encourage and assure open communication

Address the needs of our audiences and develop long-term relationships for success

  • Develop existing and add new activities that provide recognition for a job well done
    • Establish and maintain “alumni” groups of participant/families, volunteers
    • Establish Board of Associates to include Council of Advisors, Community representatives, family members, riders, board members and donors
  • Listen and respond to our families’ barriers to service
    • Identify and share funding opportunities and ways for greater affordability
    • Continually scan the landscape for alternative funding
  • Expand feedback opportunities for our participants and families
    • IPP progress to be formally shared at beginning, middle, and end of session
    • Establish and maintain a bimonthly electronic newsletter to reach audience
    • Create and promote “suggestion box” and “focus group” activities
    • Insist on at least two family/participant members on board at all times
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