Participant Registration

Participant Registration

Thank you for your interest in participating in our programs at Equi-librium!

The following procedures describe our easy application process:

Step 1: Look below for a registration packet, or Call (610-365-2266) and ask for a Registration  Packet or Email:

Step 2: Fill out the information requested and return the forms to Equi-librium. If you have any questions about programs, fees, payment options or other concerns, please do not hesitate to call the office (610-365-2266) and inquire.

Step 3: When the application is received in the office, it will be reviewed for completeness, and the applicant information evaluated. The Program Director will call you to go over the information and discuss participation, appropriate program(s), and the day and time availability for the applicant. All program applicants must meet the participant eligibility guidelines.

Step 4: As program opportunities allow, the applicant will be assigned to a program, instructor day and time.

Step 5: The participant will be billed according to the assigned program, fees charged and billing/payment arrangements that have been made.

Step 6: Please be sure to read thoroughly the Participant Handbook (click on the title below) prior to arriving for the first session.

2017 Minor Participant Registration Forms

2017 Adult Participant Registration Forms

2017 Participant Handbook

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