Red's Ride

Red Clark

Red Clark is from Barrington, IL and has been riding his road bicycle from the Chicago area to Fred Beste’s house in Wind Gap, PA every other year for over 10 years. The past two years, Red has ridden his bike East as a fundraiser for Equi-librium’s therapeutic riding and driving programs, specifically in an effort to add needed dollars to the organization’s fledgeling endowment fund. 

In 2016, he rode again, accompanied by his two sons. Red Jr. is pictured here:

Red and Red Jr.

Because of Red's efforts, and the generosity of his friends and family, we have been able to add nearly $60,000 to what was our fledgling endowment fund. Between these gifts, a generous bequest, and what was in our endowment fund to begin with, we are approaching $100,000.
A healthy endowment fund is essential for the long-term health and sustainability of our program. If you would like to help us meet our goal of $100,000, consider donating by clicking the button below. You can also consider a legacy gift! If you've put Equi-librium in your will, or would like to discuss ideas for planned giving options, email or call Cheryl Baker at or 610-365-2266.


 From our beginnings in the Poconos to our own farm in Nazareth, Red and his ride has been a blessing!


Red's Ride from 2009 in the News



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