What People are Saying About Us

From a participant parent:

"We are parents of a child who has benefited from Equi-librium's services since 2006. Throughout the years, Equi-librium has enabled our daughter to learn not only about riding horses, but also about riding a bike, maneuvering in the outdoors and generally improving her mobility in the community.

Equi-librium has also helped our daughter to become more social and independent. The interaction between the horse and the instructor and the horse and other children ridig helps our daughter in many ways. The atmosphere that Equi-librium provides is supportive, instructive, and definitely enjoyable for our daughter.

We truly appreciate Equi-librium's effort to be a beneficial institution in the Northampton County community and we support its mission."

The Cavaliere Family

From a volunteer parent:

"It would be my pleasure for you to be able to share this very special gift I, as well as my daughters Chelsea and Ashley got from this wonderful program. I can ot say enough how much we take from this program. We get in return so much from our students, as well as the amazing horses! It is very hard today to try to maintain, and teach your children to be humble and thankful. Ashley is now a student at Northampton, and how we got started with the program. She works now, so does not get to come anymore, but from her experience here she volunteered in Best Buddies, a program for special needs students in high school. Chelsea is now 11; we have been coming just about four years now. From doing this program, she also asks to help with special needs students at school. Through her experience at Equi-librium she knows these students are no different than anyone else. They have feelings, wonderful dreams, amazing thoughts, and caring hearts. She knows they just need a little extra help to achieve their goals. Thank you for sharing this program with us, and helping me teach my girls some of the most important lessons in life."

Tracy Grant


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