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The last training in 2017 will be held Saturday October 14th from 12:30 to 3:30 pm. Please call the office or click here to register.
Bobbi Howes
Bobbi has been a volunteer with Equi-librium since 2012. Bobbi helps out with lessons on a Monday, but over the last year, she has spent more and more time here doing what she's passionate about: helping us with our "curb appeal". Bobbi mulches in the spring, plants and transplants, and weeds all summer long. It is truly a labor of love, and we love that she's willing to do it! 

Bobbi and her husband ,Bob live in Stroudsburg; they have two daughters and two granddaughters. Bobbi retired in 2011 from the Stroudsburg School District after 32 years teaching special education in first, second, and third grades. She found a void when she retired - she missed the children that had always been such a big part of her life.
One day her daughter Courtney,a teacher with IU 20, told her about a training program to become a side helper, and wanted to know if she would like to go along.  It was at Equi-librium in Snydersville, and involved being a part of the Special Olympic Equestrian program. She had known about the program earlier, and thought it would be great to get involved, but she was just too busy. So, since Courtney asked in March of 2012, this was her opportunity. She has enjoyed being a side helper ever since. 
cont'd from the newsletter:
Last year she added to her duties at the farm. She had read that we needed help with “clean up” around the farm and weeding.  She thought, "well, I enjoy being outside and working in the yard at home, so let me take some time and help."

Bobbi also says, "I don't know the names of a lot of plants, but I do recognize when weeds are over taking an area or plant. Gardening is a lot of work and great exercise. I don’t mind the sweat and dirt, and when I finish clearing an area of weeds I like to stand back and admire how nice the area looks. So now, when scheduling time as side helper I also try to remember to take my gardening gloves with me so I can do some weeding or trimming where needed."

Her work, and her devotion to it, is evident across our farm, and we're so grateful for her help. When Bobbi's not at Equi-librium, she enjoys traveling with her husband and friends, reading, hiking, gardening at home, and spending time with her daughters and granddaughters.
Perhaps you have a green thumb, too? If you're interested it joining Bobbi, let us know! Email volunteercoordinator@equi-librium.org
On Wednesday, July 5th, a group of 21 employees from Home Depot's Regional Distribution Center in Breinigsville came out to the farm. They assisted us with building a run-in shed in pasture 6; it's started, but still has work to go. This group got so many things done! We'll be excited to welcome them back again, though, to finish the shed, and perhaps build another one, as well. They also made a donation so we can get $300 of materials from Home Depot!
On Wednesday, June 21st, a group of 15 employees spent United Way of the Greater Lehigh Valley's Day of Caring here on the farm to work on a fence project. They got so much work done! They almost completed an entire pasture of refencing; 4 from the group returned on Saturday, July 1st to finish what they started.
On Wednesday, May 31, a group of thirteen employees from PPL are spending a Day of Caring here. They are helping to build new footing in our indoor arena from the door to the mounting ramp; pruning trees; cleaning up our woodpile, and general outdoor maintanence. We're happy to have their help!
On Thursday, September 22, a group of a dozen employees from Sanofi Pasteur spent a Day of Caring; they stained and painted our addition, the cottage, and the deck, and powerwashed our gazebo, which had been a gift from Sanofi a number of years previous
On Wednesday, September 21, Moravian College celebrated Heritage Day; in honor of their 275th Anniversary they offered 2 hours of service to many organizations across the Lehigh Valley. Equi-librium was fortunate enough to welcome and entire busload of students, faculty, and staff. Here's some of their work:
In May, Equi-librium welcomed a group from Air Products for a Day of Caring. Here are some photos of their visits with us. We can't do what we do without them!
JustBorn team of volunteers mends fences for Equi-librium!
 A team of 21 hardworking employees from JustBorn provided over 160 hours of volunteer service to Equi-librium. Led by Corporate Affairs Volunteer Programs Leader Carol Saeger, volunteers mended fences, trimmed brush, cleaned barns and stalls at Equi-librium's new home in Nazareth, PA. Saeger stated " I never have to ask twice, employees love helping at the farm.  It's a rewarding experience because we know that the work we do helps Equi-librium provide programs that help children."  JustBorn has been a friend to Equi-librium for years and twice annually sends it's volunteer team to help the non-profit maintain and update the facility. "We're very grateful for the continued support from JustBorn," said Polly Beste, Chairman of Equi-librium. "The volunteers come with energy and enthusiasm and manage to get a tremendous amount of work done.  Together we can better serve the community."
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