Volunteer News

The first training in 2017 will be held Saturday March 11th from 12:30 to 3:30 pm. Please call the office or click here to register.
On Thursday, September 22, a group of a dozen employees from Sanofi Pasteur spent a Day of Caring; they stained and painted our addition, the cottage, and the deck, and powerwashed our gazebo, which had been a gift from Sanofi a number of years previous
On Wednesday, September 21, Moravian College celebrated Heritage Day; in honor of their 275th Anniversary they offered 2 hours of service to many organizations across the Lehigh Valley. Equi-librium was fortunate enough to welcome and entire busload of students, faculty, and staff. Here's some of their work:
In May, Equi-librium welcomed a group from Air Products for a Day of Caring. Here are some photos of their visits with us. We can't do what we do without them!
JustBorn team of volunteers mends fences for Equi-librium!
 A team of 21 hardworking employees from JustBorn provided over 160 hours of volunteer service to Equi-librium. Led by Corporate Affairs Volunteer Programs Leader Carol Saeger, volunteers mended fences, trimmed brush, cleaned barns and stalls at Equi-librium's new home in Nazareth, PA. Saeger stated " I never have to ask twice, employees love helping at the farm.  It's a rewarding experience because we know that the work we do helps Equi-librium provide programs that help children."  JustBorn has been a friend to Equi-librium for years and twice annually sends it's volunteer team to help the non-profit maintain and update the facility. "We're very grateful for the continued support from JustBorn," said Polly Beste, Chairman of Equi-librium. "The volunteers come with energy and enthusiasm and manage to get a tremendous amount of work done.  Together we can better serve the community."
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